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This page is photo gallery in English.

My husband and I love traveling abroad.

I made my homepage in Japanese.

You can read books of travel on it.

I canft write them in English so I made only this photo page in English.

I tried to write the city and place name by correct spelling though

Itfs difficult to find English name since guide books say only Japanese and

own language! However I hope you enjoy it!!

And Ifm looking forward to hearing from you. Let me know their correct spellings!

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Dubai(U.A.E)2013.1,@Finland&Russia(2012.11),Yunnan(China), Egypt2011 

Busan(Korea)2009.5.Nepal 2007.8@Guilin(China)2007.5

Inner Mongolia(China)2006.8@ Xian(China)2006.5@Xiamen(China)2005.8

Ho Chi Min(Vietnam), Angkor Wat(Cambodia)2004.8

Quingdao(China)2004.5:Langkawi  island,Kuala Lumpur(Malaysia)2003.8


Dalian(China) 2001,5:Hanoi(Vietnam)2000,8: Beijing(China)2000,5:


Turkey 1996,10:Ho Chih Minh(Vietnam)1995,8


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