Quingdao in China      2004.5.1-4

I went to Quingdao in China from May 1st-4th with my husband Akira.

Wefve been to Beijing , Shanghai and Dalian before but this is a first time to visit Quingdao  for us. Quingdao is located in the North – east part of China. The population is about 7 million.

It takes about 2 and half hours from Narita(Tokyo) by air.

Quingdao city faces the ocean so the seaside is popular for holidays.

The weather were not so good when we visited but we could walk around without umbrellas.

The temperature was around 14-18C( 58-66F).

I heard even in Summer ,itfs not so hot.

The prices in Quingdao are reasonable so we enjoyed shopping ,eating and sightseeing with a little money.

Especially the public transportation fee were cheap.

Most buses cost were 1 yuan (about 12cents). Even taxis cost us 7 yuan(90cents) go to 4km.

First we went to Xiaoyushangoingyuan (park).

Germany occupied Quingdao from 1897-1914.So you can see many German style houses from

the park.


Then we went to Quindao beer factory. Quing dao beer is famous in Japan.I think many Japanese know the name Quingdao as a beer BLAND name.

We stayed at the same hotel for 3 nights.

The Crown Plaza Hotel was gorgeous! The scenery from our room was nice too.

And there was a bus stop in front of the hotel so we could take buses easily.


Quingdao station                        The Crown Plaza Hotel


Coke(30cents & Beer(40 cents)  Beer factory                              Catholic Church

One day we joined a day tour to Rao san( mountain area).

The guide was Chinese so we couldnft understand him but we enjoyed the tour with reasonable price(85 yuan=$10 ).Some of tourists could speak English a little bit so they helped us.


We ate different food every nights.

I hope you can guess what we ate from these pictures!


       Steamed pot cooking                Korean grilled meat                       sea food


Cherry              bread corner at breakfast                   sea food restaurant

And we bought many goods from Quingdao.

If you had a chance to visit there I recommend not bringing your baggage since you can buy new baggage at a cheap price!

I bought this bag by 50 yuan($6.4).And 2 CDs were 15 yuan($2).

And we also enjoyed having all body massages for about 1 hour for 88yuan($10).

That massage was good for our tired body!



We happened to meet wedding couples and black cars that decorated with flowers.

Are you thinking of visiting there now?

If you visit China, donft forget to stop by Japan too^^;!




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