Vietnam(Ho Chi Min) & Cambodia(Angkor Wat)

From August 13th to 18th in 2004 I was in Vietnam and Cambodia with my husband.



 We went to Hochimin city in 1995. At that time we went sightseeing so this time we visited other local places. We took a ferryboat which local citizens use to cross to the  other side of the Saigon river. The center of Hochimin city has developed a lot in these 9 years but the parts around the city were still under-developed . We enjoyed shopping and eating too.


Breakfast in Saigon hotel              the view from a restaurant in the hotel


g Shikuroh is a kind of local taxi               Ferryboat to go cross the river


The other side of the Saigon river        the view from the Saigon trade center


We love sea food!! g Deep fried soft shell crabs($3.50)h and gbig prawns($4)h


Massage ($7/1 hour)                            Market


Souvenirs                     Neon at night around the Saigon hotel



Cambodia(Siem Reap)

This is the first time we visited Cambodia.

We visited one of the world heritages g Angkor Wath in Siem Reap.

There are so many excavations in the city. We visited only a few of them.

Cambodian food has a mild taste so I love it.


Sunrise ¨             Angkor Wat@@¨                         Daytime


Daybreak            Beautiful relief          Trees cover ruins


Bayon                                   Monks


Angkor Thom


Banteay Srei


Apusara dance                  @@@@@ Cambodian food


      A three-day pass costs $40                  Massage(from the blind) $3 / 1 hour


Child loves squall                        Cambodian ordinary house


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